About Us

About Us

Legal entity

Legally IMAR is a private non-profit association dedicated to the management of fundamental and applied research in its scientific field of activity at Portuguese level.

Scientific area

Marine sciences and technologies and related scientific areas.


To contribute to the national scientific and technological development in this scientific field, by supporting the networking of its members.


To participate in fundamental and applied research projects

To manage R&D contracts, through collaboration protocols or rendered services

To support graduation and post-graduation activities promoted by its members

To promote scientific and technological exchange with other national or foreign institutions with alike goals

To improve knowledge, scientific dissemination and outreach on the oceans

Brief history

IMAR was established in 1991 through public deed of its eight founding associates. The institutional headquarters, initially located in Lisbon, later displaced to Coimbra, is currently based at the premises of its member of the Azores (Department of Oceanography and Fisheries at Horta), based on an institutional collaboration agreement.

IMAR has supported the networking of the scientific activities of its associates at national and regional level, participating in a wide range of R&D projects, providing S&T services, collaborating in scientific development and monitoring programs, managing conceded equipment and premises, in order to fulfill national and regional needs in their scientific field of activity. For this purpose, it uses human resources and means that are provides by its members and, whenever necessary, hiring human resources and specialized services.

In recognition of its services, IMAR obtained in 2001 the status of public utility institution (“Despacho nº 62/2001 da Secretaria Geral da Presidência do Conselho de Ministros – D.R., II Série, nº 44 de 21/02/2001; pp. 3484”).

Institutional Documents

Management Reports